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When exploring our webpage you will learn all about Kiamichi Opportunities; who we are, where we are located, what we do, and how we do it. 




Our goal at Kiamichi Opportunities is to provide quality residential and vocational services for people with developmental disabilities in Southeastern Oklahoma.  Our agency spans the tri-county region of Choctaw, McCurtain and Pushmataha counties with the abilities and resources to provide opportunity for all consumers that we serve.  We have a well-trained staff that promotes individualized training and growth for our consumers.


group Homes

Kiamichi Opportunities offers residential services that are second to none in the field of developmental disabilities.  Our community-living program is designed to promote independence as well as make home ownership a reality.  Our group home, the Estus House, is staffed with loving, caring people who add a personal touch.  The group home has spacious living accommodations specifically constructed for developmentally disabled people. 

contract services

Kiamichi Opportunities offers a variety of vocational services for people with developmental disabilities.  Our vocations services offer many choices for people.  Our agency has Work Centers in Hugo, Antlers and Broken Bow that house state contracts for beans, laundry, pasta, spices, condiments, and healthcare products.  These contracts enable us to provide meaningful work experience for our consumers as well as work-related training opportunities in a sheltered environment.  Our Work Centers also offer contracts that enable our consumers to work in integrated work settings.  At Beavers Bend Resort Park in McCurtain County we have contracts to provide cleaning and maid-service to Lakeview Lodge and laundry service for all of the linens used in the park.  These contracts provide opportunities for integrated training and work for people with disabilities. 

food truck

Sasquatch Ice and Treats is our one-of-a-kind food truck we built and created to employee disabled adults. Our clients enjoy serving the community. Working in the public boosts their self-worth as well as giving back to our community.  Follow us on instagram at @sasquatchiceandtreats and check out our Facebook, Sasquatch Ice and Treats


Contact Us


Kiamichi Opportunities
405 N 16th St
Hugo, OK 74743

The Estus House 
404 N 16th St
Hugo, OK 74743

Antlers Work Center
308 Elite Drive
Antlers, OK 74523


Hugo Work Center
704 Bearden Springs Road
Hugo, OK 74743

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